1. Responsibility and Ethics

Responsibility is a form of attitude and behaviour in the performance of one's duties and duties starting with the creator, self, society and the environment.

Ethics is about rules and civilization, the role of values and also behaviours in everyday life.

2.Leadership and Self-Identity

Leadership is a process of moving a group of people toward something that has been set through non-forcible support. Train from the beginning level to produce leaders in communities to mobilize activities with local communities.

Identity refers to the traits or characteristics that are the core and symbol of the personality of an individual, a nation and so on. Reflecting the outward appearance of the individual and society. The firmness of the heart and the strength of one's soul.


  • Knowledgeable
  • Confident
  • Integrity
  • Compromise
  • Skilled

3. Environmental Care & Conservation

  • Wise waste management
  • Protects rivers & seas from contamination
  • Obtain a clean source of uncontaminated water
  • Prevents the extinction of flora & fauna
  • Prevents rising global temperatures that cause global warming

4.Create Economic Opportunities and Careers

  • Train young entrepreneurs
  • Increase the socioeconomic status of the B40 group
  • Establish a joint network between IKS, relevant agencies, and successful entrepreneurial icons by conducting workshops, training and practicals

5. Preserve Heritage & Culture

  • Represents the identity of a country
  • Reflects the values of Malaysian people
  • Foster unity across the country
  • Attract foreign tourists
  • Maintaining civilization for the future


1. Preserve, maintain, promote and develop the cultural heritage of the local community through self-development, research and guidance

2. Inspire future lifestyles with knowledge and awareness in applying natural resources, sustainable technologies in order to protect the environment for future generations

3. Practising moral values of the 5 core concepts as commonality in a community to lead the community in creating a sustainable society

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